Nathan Burney - Unresponsive, inefficient and rude. Stay away

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I will try to write in measured terms although that attorney cost me a lot of money and time for nothing.

Nathan Burney comes off as a very weird character. Which tricked me as he tries to make that pass that as "genius" and "too smart to be understood".

I made a poor decision in hiring him, based on the fact that he didn't appear to "hardcore" sell his services as some do, and that he had worked with the DA's office which according to him, made him the best choice and justified him "being very expensive".

I regret that my distressed state of mind led me to hire him versus a more "traditional" and aggressive lawyer.

He is very ill at ease and shy when you meet him, strangely his name is unknown at the registration desk, nor does it appear anywhere in the office he shares.

He pretended to not know I was coming from Avvo, or that he was well rated here and comes on top of searches. This white lie was a red flag. Nathan Burney gets ALL of his clients through Avvo.

By the way I have asked Avvo to look into his reviews which I find very surprising.

The main issues I faced with him :

- he only responds per email, often after a week or two. He will never, ever pick up the phone, so don't expect reactivity. He failed to respond to other attorneys I then hired to make sure my case was going in the right direction.

- while I didn't particularly expect sympathy, he became plain rude and unresponsive the minute he received the retainer.

- he hardly took any attention to my case, as he "was busy writing a book". The only reason he took me on was to finance his lifestyle but he could not show more disinterest in what was happening to me, and the blatant and obvious fact I was wrongly accused by my spiteful ex.

- his lack of attention and available time resulted in his total failure to negotiate anything (which takes time and understanding of the case). In fact, he was indeed the DA's best friend and besides sending rude and contemptuous remarks, he never lifted a finger to close the case in my favor.

- he never read all the material I sent him to give strong arguments against my ex's ludicrous claims.

- he took the opposing counsel's first offer and left it at that, and did the same thing with the DA. Of course, because that required no effort.

I would strongly recommend you think twice before hiring him.

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